Produkte: Personalentwicklungsmatrix

In every company the performance of supervisors and employees is evaluated. This process should be mutual and comprehensible. Clear goals ensure motivated employees and meaningful personnel development. The personal development matrix can help here: either as a module within the learning platform or as a standalone solution. 

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On the basis of clearly defined requirements and tasks - usually derived from the job descriptions - employees evaluate their own work performance and are also evaluated by their superiors. The personal development matrix records and compares these evaluations - even over longer periods of time.

Conduction of productive staff appraisals

This helps your supervisors to make appraisals more objective and productive. In this way employees receive constructive feedback and they feel motivated by clearly documented, consensual goals. At the same time, personnel managers receive an instrument for strategic planning of development measures.

Standalone or Module

The Personal Development Matrix is based on the Moodle learning platform. That’s why it can be operated as standalone solution or can be integrated into your learning platform as a module. For existing installations we offer favorable conditions for upgrading.