For a programmer software is never finished. This is good and bad at the same time. Software can be updated continuously. But always the question about stability is arising. For you as a customer this looks even more extreme: you need a high reliability with the greatest possible and long-term adaptability.

We define this challenge with the term "elastic". It should retain its function and form at all times, but at the same time also do justice to the constantly changing conditions.

The following concepts are helping us as a guideline:

  • Clear communication: For us, clear documented agreements are the basis of a productive, personal and pleasant customer relationship.
  • Stability: People get used to things they are familiar with. That's why we make sure that the look and feel of the software is as constant as possible throughout its lifecycle.
  • Openness: Through targeted interface implementations, we embed projects into their overall contexts.
  • Modularity: We use the modular principle of our basic software systems to add new functions to your project while maintaining update capability.
  • Dynamic: System extensions according to customer requirements are our specialty. Our extensive experience over the years helps us to do so.

Development Tools and Technologies

  • Java
  • PHP
  • JavaScript/HTML/CSS
  • SQL-Databases

Platforms According to the Project