Über uns

Soon-Systems GmbH designs, implements and operates solutions for learning, training and further education and personnel development in companies and organizations.

Soon-Systems exists since 15 years now. We offer our customers profound experience in consulting, project management, software development, design and long-term support of internet-based learning solutions.

 Teaching and learning are personal processes in which technology serves people and not vice versa. Our task is to make this possible

Alexander Seitz, CEO Soon-Systems GmbH


Our main facility is in Ulm in Southern Germany. Other experts work at the Braunschweig and Bremen in the north of Germany - this is how we maintain an employee-friendly, Internet-supported working and learning culture within the company.

Our customers

Our customers are from the private sector, schools and universities, as well as the broad field of public and private organizations in which education and training plays a crucial role. Many of our clients operate on a multinational basis and require platforms designed accordingly.