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Technical questions are often overrated. We know this from experience. An extensive feature list is not solving your problems - but an attentive listener with expertise in business processes and a sense for the people within your organization can help you. In short, it is clear that we have the technic under control.

Of course we want you to use our products and services. But more important for us is that we earn your trust right from the beginning.

What do you need?

That´s why we first sit together and listen to you. We will hear from you where the problem is and what challenges you have to face.

Appropriate solutions

When the specific requirements are defined, we develop a solution together that does justice to the complexity of the situation.

The focus is on organizational, pedagogical-didactical, strategic and of course technical questions. Last but not least, the concept must also be affordable.

Clarification of goals in the Workshop

Larger projects usually start with a one-day workshop to clarify the requirements and project parameters. We will then draw up a specification in consultation with you – as technical-organizational guideline and contract basis.

Be agile

For smaller projects, we often proceed in a more informal and agile way. The arrangements are made at short notice and on call, as well as installation, testing and delivery of software and functionality.

Just try out the cooperation with us!