Maximum availability, data security and fast help in case of problems - these are the main features of our hosting solutions.

To keep it that way, we rely on a certified partner in our area with its own data center in Germany..

Our solutions are scalable so you can grow your business in peace.

Monitoring during running operation

The hard- and software of our servers is monitored by local data center service desk 24/7. Our own ongoing system checks provide an additional security net.

Backup and Recovery

Regular Backups and automatic recovery within minutes are obvious. If you have special need we are there for you with support and advice.

Approved security and data protection

Data protection and data security are playing a key role for us – internal and also in the selection of our cooperation partners.

With the ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001 

certification our partner secures the compliance and the ongoing verification of proved standards. Internally and externally, our data protection officer ensures that personal and other sensitive data is protected like the own eye.

Whether you use our hosting service or run our solutions on your own server, we ensure that you have the time and peace to focus on your core business.