A software interface should work like a clean window. You can look through and you have free view of functions and contents. Still: From time to time you need training and documentation. Of course, we also deliver this: professional, individual and comprehensive.

We train you and your team in all our applications from us.

Personal, Tailored and Practical

During face to face workshops we enable your employees according their responsibilities like basic knowledge for users, advanced knowledge for administrators and tried and tested approaches for daily work.

The System is self-explanatory

For the internal marketing in the rollout phase or for the ongoing training of new users we can create if desired multimedia e-learning modules for you that clearly explain the structure and operating concept of your individual learning platform. 

Acceptance through Training

Especially in larger organizations an easy to understand help like a short video or a web based training within the platform can increase the acceptance among administrators and users.

Talk to us.

Training Formats

  • For standard applications without additional components or special configuration, we normally offer 1-day face-to-face training.
  • As a rule, we discuss the structure and scope with you in advance. We will be happy to organize standard training content according to your needs or deal with special topics.
  • Of course, you can also arrange individual training or workshops with small or large groups with us.